Website Hosting & SSL Certificate Renewal

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Website Hosting – Connects your website to the Internet

SSL Certificate – When a website has an SSL certificate, there is a padlock displayed in the address bar.  By displaying a lock and HTTPS in your URL, you are informing your viewers that your website is secure.

Please enquire regarding:

Back up – of your website

Security Updates – Monthly Security updates for all your plugins. With constant changes in security the plugin developers are constantly bringing out new updates.
This also includes updating the wordpress version when a new one becomes available.  Please note that sometimes we need to role back a plugin version if it is incompatible with your website.

SEO – Search engine optimisation – connecting your website to google console, regular google scanning and adding articles to your website on a regular basis

Let’s design

One of the reasons we became website designers in the first place was because we love helping people and helping them to succeed in business especially with one of our website designs. When you’re designing your own website, the hardest thing is to finish it, as you’re always adding your next favourite thing but we are here to take your ideas and make them happen.


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